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Other effects of the Integrative Breath:
  • Increasing vitality and energy
  • Detoxification of the cells (since about 70% of the toxins are excreted via the breath, the detoxification increases with increasing breath)
  • by a gentle massage of the internal organs are stimulated their metabolism
  • in a safe way, old feelings, memories and trauma from the past can emerge and dissolve
  • Mind and body are integrated at the level of the body to feel safe in the body - at home - and with all energies, inside and outside recognize the spiritual-spiritual causes of diseases
  • Uncover relationship patterns
  • supports the release of old, limited thoughts and patterns that have determined life since birth and childhood
  • old wounds from childhood as abandoned, not wanted, rejected to be healed and forgiven
  • supports in redesigning life, starting from who we are now
  • Access to higher levels of consciousness, inspiration, visions
  • creates clarity about one's own way and the task of life
  • increases creativity and courage to express themselves in the world
  • Heals the wounds of separation from the source of life
  • strengthens the feeling of connectedness, the compassion for ourselves, the earth and all beings solves identification with thinking and feeling
  • allows awakening to what we are in truth